About Us

Why hello there. Don’t you look luscious. Mm. Yes. And you smell even better. Ahh. Mmf. Well, I suppose you want to know things. So here are some things.

Evil Grin Gift Box is a series of thematically related short (mostly comedy-oriented) films made by a small group of friends in Des Moines, Iowa who work under the name Shrieking Tree. We make these things because we would lose our minds if we didn’t. The cast and crew rotate, but at its core, the Evil Grin team is currently Justin Norman, Eric Allan, Wesley Norman, and Andrew Tatge (though a good deal of credit for our work also goes to previous team members Tom Rapp and Rob Ogden). We screen our films locally and at festivals, as well as during performances of the live sketch comedy troupe, Dog & Pony Show.

Recurring Cast & Crew: Jesup Bonnstetter, Danyelle Crowell, Thai Luong, Greg Blumhagen, Amanda Gibbons, Ryan Solomon, Will Frazier, Brian D. Neug, Kelsey Allan

Sceness from "The Breadwinner" and "Jeff & Jeff"