Season 3 // Film 14

A man becomes one with the open road.



Season 3 // Film 13

When you can’t find a Nazi to punch, you make a Nazi to punch.

This satirical infomercial includes references to several people who have been labeled Nazis/fascists/white supremacists, by mobs on Twitter, including Ben Shapiro, Steven Pinker, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dave Rubin, Claire Lehmann, Eric Weinstein, Bret Weinstein, Maajid Nawaz, Cathy Young, Kat Rosenfield, and yes, Taylor Swift.

It also references several ‘Nazi makers’, including Dan Arel, CJ Werleman, OccupyDemocrats, Ezra Klein, Vox, and others.


Whistle Boys

Season 3 // Film 11

A crime stopping whistle boy unexpectedly finds a new patrol partner.


The Hero

Season 3 // Film 10

As tensions rise on American college campuses, a hero emerges to counter racism, sexism, and fascism.


Bone Appétit

Season 3 // Film 9

Kim and Greg attempt to mend their terrible relationship over dinner at a new restaurant.


Buddies Don’t Kiss

Season 3 // Film 8

Local dingus Jeff must battle bro-tank-clad rageaholic Trey for the heart of his true love, wold-class pong-star Pauline.


Go Fig Yourself

Season 3 // Film 7

In a time of intense political division, your favorite fig treat manufacturer steps up to help you save your social life.



Season 3 // Film 5

Dale and Evan bump into each other, and one of them must force the other to step the fuck off.


A Birthday Christmas

Season 2 // Film 1

Old friends gather ’round harvested lumber to celebrate both the birth of Christ and Eric Anderson – a man getting well past his prime.