The Hero

Season 3 // Film 10

As tensions rise on American college campuses, a hero emerges to counter racism, sexism, and fascism.


The Payment

Season 3 // Film 3

After a long, hard week of freelance work for her client, Sarah gets shafted.


This Week in Fear

Season 3 // Film 1

In the wake of the 2016 US Presidential election, three citizens walk the streets interviewing people about President-elect Donald Trump.



Season 2 // Film 15

Learn how to solve one of society’s greatest problems with new breakthrough technology.



Season 2 // Film 9

New Amsterdam vodka asked us to make a spec ad for them about how much we like Chicago. Here’s how that went.


The Breadwinner

Season 2 // Film 5

It is the year 2041 and gluten is illegal. After the FDA shoots down Derek, the star carrier pigeon of an above-ground bread-smuggling operation, untrained real estate agent Alex Simpson must learn to stop caring about people’s feelings and shoot their ever-loving faces off.


The First Smile

Season 2 // Film 2

Mother and brothers are shocked and awed by the new object Father has brought home.